Today was a great day.

Today was a great day when I checked my bank balance there was a deposit from Amazon for $380.00 for the books sold in the last two weeks but that was not what made it great, what made it great was I got to write a check and send it off to the “Hospice of the Shenandoah”.  In the first post I mentioned my wife passed away and that was where the money would go and I made good on that promise. We still need to go through the rest of her books and I am sure we will keep most if not all of the cook books but that’s only a drop in a bucket so if your reading this go over to Read-Teach-Do at amazon and pick up a book.

Going on the premises that these books were going to serve two purposes. The first is to donate one thousand dollars to the Hospice of the Shenandoah and the second was this could help me supplement my income now that I am a widower with only one retirement income but first I will do what I can to Horner my commitment to the donations before I begin living on the income I hope to make from book selling. The other day I bought one thousand books from someone on Craigslist for two hundred dollars I had go through about 20 books and none of them were worth sending them in, in fact I would have lost about four dollars on each one so needless to say I started to get a little nervous and began looking for what may be worth a bit more than the cheap romance novels I’d been going through. Then I hit payday I found a book about RV’s that was listed for over one hundred dollars and right after that another worth two hundred and fifty dollars both were collector’s books and one was signed by the author let’s hope I get my money back from those two alone. In the next post I hope I can tell you more on the value of the rest, what I list them for and if they are selling and how fast.