Using the back end monster

Well I have to say today has been like a maze trying to maneuver around amazon central which is where you scan and enter all your products. It is about the most convoluted software system I have ever dealt with I for the life of me cannot understand why they group everything together. All the items you have sold as well as the ones that are active waiting to be sold. I only have a mix of about eighty items and I don’t know what I will do when I have over one thousand. One of the rules they have it that you have to use stick on labels to barcode each item but it has to be able to peel off. You can only print by the sheet but Avery labels don’t peel off and they do not have any suggestions on what would be the alternative. There is another place you can print directly to a laser barcode printer so more on that another time because it’s a topic all in its own. I did manage to scan about 30 books from yesterday haul and printed some barcodes to send to a supplier so they can ship to a fulfillment center. My biggest Frustration is using the back end of Amazon Central the listing and shipping part.

No one talks about that part and how to correct stranded shipments or how to add to an existing shipment I get stuck now and then myself. My biggest issue is why don’t they just have a shipping module pop-out for working current shipments so you don’t have to sift through thousands of listings that are not active.

Before doing amazon I worked in developing a nationwide logistics for parts and ordering systems so I’m no dummy when it comes to software systems. Don’t get me wrong I think I have done relatively well for my first week of FBA after only discovering it the beginning of Jan 2016.

My challenge is getting what I have to amazon.  This all being said I guess it has to be me. Why? Because amazon makes billions of dollars each your I will go over one tiny why next time.